Client Emulation

eG agents periodically playback the recorded accesses using the exact same client applications that users employ to access a service. The eG client emulator effectively simulates multi-step user interactions with a service (e.g., login, browse, submit data, fill-in forms, etc.). By comparing the response times across each of the steps of a multi-step service access, administrators can detect the exact step(s) that could be causing user-visible slowdowns.

Benefits of eG Client Emulator:

  • Emulate real user interactions to Web/non-Web services and record service availability and end-to-end response times.
  • Identify which step(s) of a service interaction are causing slowdowns.
  • Provide instantaneous alerts on service outages and slowdowns.
  • Facilitate root-cause diagnosis and infrastructure optimization through correlation with other network, server, and application performance indicators.




  • Record a sequence of user activities when accessing the service(s) to be monitored.
  • Recording process is a script that can be later played back to emulate user activity.
  • Script has information on those transactions - each transaction corresponds to a single user interaction (e.g., logging in, adding to shopping cart, etc.)
  • The recorded script can be played back on a dedicated system, and the results are reported as availability and response time measures for the overall playback activity.



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